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Welcome To – School Of Corporate Accounts

SCA- School Of Corporate Accounts, a leading ISO 9001-2008, c
ertified educational Institute with International accreditation from GAB , ICAB, Sweden. SCA has corporate tie-up with reputed companies, , industry leaders in India and abroad .SCA offers professional tailor made courses to students who want to make a place in the field of Finance and Accounts

SCA is a fast prospering academy providing quality education in the commerce related sector.

Our faculties are well adapted with the latest syllabus taught at school as well as university well. They are fully versed in teaching via practical as well as theoretical way.

We don’t simply believe in rote learning but also enhancing the practical approach of the topic taught to our students.

Our Vision
To be the most preferred educational and training institute and evolve into a world class institution

Why to Choose SCA?
o Meticulous faculty
o We don’t just teach, we associate with our students like an extended family
o We prepare students not just for examinations rather we put in our best efforts in him
for a highly successful life ahead.
o We deal with their daily problems
o Test are conducted on a regular basis
o We do counseling too for de-stressing the students and to handle their queries
o study materials are provided to all the students
o We value your money
o We believe in quality and not simply the quantity which matters to the rest

OUR COURSE NAME : Corporate Accounts Officer Training

Duration : 6 Months full Time( 10-4)excluding Saturday and sunday
Various Syllabus Covered In Corporate Accounts Officer Training Provided

By Us:
o Tally Coaching classes
o PeachTree Coaching classes
o Quickbooks Coaching Classes
o SAP Business One
o Basic Accounting, Accounts Projects of all types of Organizations. (Trading , Non Trading, Constructions, Manufacturing, Bank, Hospital, etc)
o International Corporate Accounts Training
o Tax Management (Income Tax/TDS, VAT (Sales Tax), Central Excise, Payroll (PF, ESI, Professional Tax), Service Tax.
o E-Banking& Finance, E-Filing.
o Public relation principles
o Accounts administration
o Corporate behavior, Interview presentation, Financial Discipline
o Crisis Management, Decision Making, Self – Confidence.
o Motivation, Communicative English, Leadership Development.

Unique Methodology
The SCA institute follows unique, innovative and effective teaching methods and techniques with a focus to create winners in academic, personality and professional life. The program supplements to what the person learns in school and college by giving individualized, group and tailor made assignments.

The goal is to make the person winner and employable keeping the modern challenges and skills in mind. SCA exposes their students to modern day Finance and Accounts, ERP, spoken English, personality development, industry visits, guest lectures.

To enhance satisfaction of students and employers by equipping students, professionals with required competencies, skills and make them employable and winner.

Quality Policy
Every member of SCA is committed to create and add value to customer satisfaction by delivering above expectations. SCA practices and maintains global standard in quality and adheres to Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001.

Greetings from Director- Mr. Rajesh M.R
With the increase in job opportunities in the finance and accounting sector, the demand of modern day account and finance and accounts course is also rising. The Finance and accounts segment is likely to experience shortage of trained professional in three years of time and must prepare now for that situation.

In order to accomplished this mission SCA educates and trains modern finance and accounts professional vide its ‘Certified Corporate Accounts Officer Training program armed with the skills of understanding and interpretation of financial and accounting data combined with practical lab training, live project and ERP.

SCA Students have proved to be more successful compared to their peers. Employers also have shown preference for SCA students keeping in mind industry friendly courses and ERP curriculum.

SCA has the unique distinction of offering training on ERP which is in great demand. Today ERP is one of the most sought competencies in Industry. SCA students as a result of ERP training along with mainline course of Accounting and Finance have an edge over other candidates during interview

Faculty & Staff
The faculty and trainers are of high quality and well qualified Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, ICWAs, MBAs. Training is provided under strict guidance and supervision of qualified faculty. These faculties are trained regularly in house and outside by professional trainers.
SCA also invites guest faculty and Industry leaders to interact with students and nurture their skills.

Staffs are recruited at regional office and center’s under supervision of corporate office and each staff has to go through the evaluation of expert panel.

Our People and staffs are our greatest assets and students are nurtured and trained by experts and CAs, MBAs, ICWAs, Tax consultants.

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